The Home Value Squeeze Page

This is a very effective page for generating seller leads.

The "offer" to the website visitor is not an automated online estimage. It's more.
This page offers a lot of value to the homeowner. You are NOT sending a generic online generated home value estimate.
You are providing much more value!  A "real home value report by a local & knowledgable Realtor". 

Why our HOME VALUE page works?

Obvious Marketing Tip: Don’t toss away your leads. Makes sense, right? 
This is what the online home value report can do to you.

How does it toss your leads?

The "Home Value" pages we have seen being used are making 2 key mistakes.  
And these mistakes are costing business for the Agents.

Mistake 1: Long Process - A correctly designed "squeeze page" captures the contact infromation first
& does it with a short form of only 1 field. Why? Because long forms and a long process causes
website visitors to leave. (THIS IS A MARKETING FACT).

Many of these pages ask for property address, property information, homeowner information, and more before asking for the contact information.
This is a mistake. Plain and simple.  This type of "long form" page setup results in a lower conversion rate of website visitors to leads.

Mistake 2: The Report - If your "Home Value" page is sending an online generated report, are you really offering value to the visitor?
Is this really any better than what they can find on Zillow? It isn't and the website visitor will realize this instantly.

Sending this type of Zillow-type report is a good way of saying to the homeowner that you really
don’t have much to offer.  Or you don't want to bother to spend time to provide something of value to the potential client. 

Is this the message you want to send?

Of course not, which is why our Home Value page is setup to separate you from the
pack and stand out in the eyes of the seller.

Our home value page captures a higher % of contact information and does a much better job of nurturing
the homeowner from website visitor, to lead, to client! 

What Our Page Does For You:

1.       Clean & modern design with 1 field form.  This captures the contact information first.
2. After capturing contact information, we instantly send an automated and personalized email to the lead.

What this does for you is allow you to express to the home owner that you are going to provide them something of value with
a "CUSTOM, DETAILED, AND ACCURATE" home value report at no cost.

This type of value and personal touch says something about what you are going to bring to the table.

In the email you can ask for property information that you need to create a quality CMA.

How To Setup Your "HOME VALUE" Squeeze Page in 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Just click on "SELLER TEMPLATES" and add the design.

STEP 2: Customize the THANK YOU page - This is the page the website visitor goes to after they enter email on your page.
On this page, write a quick note for the homeowner to check their email for a personal note from you.
Also, on the THANK YOU page explain what you are providing. A CUSTOM, DETIALED, AND ACCURATE home value
report at no cost or obligation.

STEP 3: Create your email message.  To do this click the "AUTORESPONDER" icon.  
Here you just type in your short message and ask the home seller a
few questions you need to create a CMA.

Once seller replies, you know what to do.
Create the CMA report.
Send to seller.
Follow up to land the listing.


Here is your squeeze page setup:

Autoresponder: Your Email Message

We have an autoresponder built into each page.
It will deliver an instant email message to each new lead.
Use this email message to collect the property information.

The email message you send to your lead doesn't need much more than
a quick reminder of what you are going to provide (CMA) and a
request for them to send the property information.

If they don't respond, simply send a follow up email
in 1-2 days reminding them you will create a detailed and
accurate home value report.

Autoresponder: How to setup the email message sent to new leads?

Step 1: Click the AUTORESPONDER Icon
Step 2: Enter Subject in the field and click update.
Step 3. Scroll down and click the link you see below:

***After you click this link, you'll see a popup window. 
Enter your email message here and click SAVE.

Email Examples For Home Value Page:

This page below has a copy of the email message
used in the HOW TO video:


There are a number of ways to generate traffic to your "squeeze page"

Here is an example of how one of the top agents in Los Angeles
uses direct mail to generate leads and listings.

This works!

This agent is building his brand in the community
and generating new leads.