If you have a current listing  (or recent sale) use it to promote your business, build your brand, & generate leads.

The best way to utilize this resource? 
With a "Facebook integrated" landing page for the listing.

This video shows you how to create the page.

2 Easy Steps To Use Your Listing To Build Your Business:

1. Setup a landing page for the listing (with Facebook integration)
2. Create a Facebook Ad for the listing

The ad will drive traffic to the landing page. 
Once lead is captured, then show all of the property detials on the listing or Just Sold property.

Step 1: Create Your Page

We have several page options to use.
Here are a two of our page examples:

1 - Click For "Listing Page For Facebook"

2 - Click For Another Page Example

These examples, and others, are available in under the FACBOOK icon in our website area.
These pages are very easy to setup. All you need is one nice photo for the background image.

Step 2: Create Your Facebook Ad:

With your ad you need an image for the ad.  You can use the photo on the landing page.
We like to use the free photo editing site at Canva.com to add a little text to the ad image.

Setting up the ad and having it seen by locals in the area is easy.

Here is a quick HOW-TO guide on setting up ad
for this type of campaign: CLICK HERE

Benefits Of This Campaign:

1, Generate leads (both buyer & seller leads)
2. Increase your brand awareness in your local area.
3. Promote the property and increase buyer interest
4. Your sellers are happy to see the marketing on Facebook.
5. Add to your listing presentation - show as part of your overall marketing campaign.

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