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How To Use Our Service - Watch These 4 Videos
Video 1: Get Your Page Live
Video 2: Page Setup
Video 3: Summary Of Page Setup
Video 4: Autoresponder

After the videos, scroll down this page to "QUICK REVIEW"
for instructions on getting your page live.


Video 1: Get Your Page Live


Video 2: Page Setup


Video 3: Summary Of Page Setup


Video 4: Email To Your Leads & Autoresponder

IMPORTANT VIDEO: How To Create A Subdomain

Watch this video:

**This video shows you how to add a subdomain to your account.
With each subdomain, you can add a different landing page, property site, or agent site.

For more videos like this one use the button below.

More Video Help
We have a series of short how to videos on how to work with images,
edit pages, setup email accounts, add new domains, create single property sites, & more




Home Value Page Setup
Click below to see an explanation on the home value page setup.



Quick Review:
What Is Required To Get Your Page Live:


To get a squeeze page or property site live with the domain you signed up with all you have to do is:
1. Have a domain pointed to our nameservers (We handle the nameservers when you register domain with us)
2. Login to our site and place the template on the domain.
3. Use online editor to customize.
That is it.
If there is a problem with the page not going live
than check point 1. The nameservers.

You can check nameservers on this link below. Just enter the domain:

The nameservers to use with our service are:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Keep in mind, updating nameservers is not an INSTANT process. Some companies take a few
hours to make the change.However, you can still add your squeeze page and
get it ready. It will go live once the nameservers are updates.

NOTE: Some users signup with a domain that already has an agent site on it. 
If you want to keep the current agent site, then you would need to use a different domain with us.
With this new domain,  you can create unlimited pages and still link them to your existing agent site.




Each of our squeeze pages is setup with our autoresponder in place.
However, to use it you must do the following:

You MUST Change Your Autoresponder’s “Default Email” On All Squeeze Pages

Right now it is set to
You should change this to an email account you can use and receive replies. 

Steps to create new email and change Autoresponder “Default Email”:
1. Login to our website.  Once on the “login page” click Cpanel.
2.Click “Email Accounts”
3. Create a new email such as
4. Go back to your “login page” and click your domain at the bottom of the screen
5. Click the “AUTORESPONDER” link.
6. Replace the “Default Email” on your Autoresponder.
7.  Replacing the autoresponder email is easy.  Just change the field that says “noreply” to your new email.

Setting Up Your Page And Email Is Explained In This Short Guide:


How to use a domain you already registered wth another company or website?

It's easy to add any domain to your account.

Just do this:

1. Update the nameservers of your domain.   

(You do this where you registered the domain.  In most cases you just login and change the
nameservers for the domain.  If you do not know how to do it just contact the company where you
registered the domain  and tell them you want to "update the nameservers" for the domain).

2. You add our nameservers to your domain.
Our nameservers are:


3. After you update the nameservers, you are ready to use this domain with our service.
Just follow the instructions to add the domain here:


How To Video: Add New Domain
Click For Video

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